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Should blinds be installed when finishing the house?

Should blinds be installed when finishing the house? Finishing a house is one of the most capital-intensive stages of construction. It is estimated that it absorbs up to 50% of the investment costs.

However, it is worth not saving at this stage, because the installation of such elements as external and internal roller shutters significantly affects the comfort of using the building, and is also of considerable importance in the context of ensuring safety. What are blinds used for and how are they installed?

When building a house or an office building, a significant part of the attention must be spent on details related to its finishing . The issue of selecting and installing appropriate windows and doors is crucial for the comfortable operation of the building. This is important both in terms of convenience of use and safety.

The appropriate quality of the products also affects the possibility of using these elements for many years, without the need for renovation. This is extremely important from the point of view of an investor who thinks in the long term. No less important is to pay special attention to accessories for windows and doors, such as blinds. They can be divided into many categories.

The basic types of roller blinds are installed inside buildings in the windows. They are used to dim the room and can be an interesting alternative to classic curtains and curtains. They will work great in modern interiors with an innovative design. In such premises, modern-looking roller blinds fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the room and harmonize well with it. For this reason, they are often recommended by architects and interior designers as an alternative to classic curtains. However, this is not their only advantage.

Some models of blinds are able to completely cover the window, so that the sun’s rays will not fall into the room to the slightest extent. Achieving such an effect with ordinary curtains is impossible. Another advantage that is very pragmatic is that they are much easier to clean. While curtains and drapes need to be washed, which is time-consuming, because it requires not only washing, but also a long removal and reattachment to the curtain rod, blinds only need to be lightly wiped or vacuumed.

It is worth mentioning that this is a great advantage in the context of office, service and industrial buildings. Due to the possibility of selecting the appropriate material from which the roller shutters are made, they can be selected so that they can be installed in facilities that require meeting higher standards related to occupational health and safety.

Installation of blinds

Visual and practical issues give blinds an obvious advantage over other forms of covering windows. The question remains whether the installation of such blinds is not problematic. None of these things, because the profiles on which the roller shutters are located are mounted in the normal way to the wall using mounting pins. Their installation is no different from the installation of a classic curtain rod.

The durability of such blinds is also very high and it is difficult to fully exploit them. The situation is different with the installation of external blinds. However, they play a completely different role than external blinds. The purpose of their installation is mainly to protect windows and doors against intruders who would like to break through them. External roller shutters are installed both in private homes as well as in warehouses and service premises. It is the most effective protection against mechanical damage to the window. They are also used to secure doors.

The roller shutters themselves are made of a solid material, which is usually a metal alloy or a hard composite. Roller shutters are controlled by manual mechanisms or automated systems operating on electric actuators. The latter can be connected to the central building control system in the concept of a smart home.

External roller shutters installed in windows and doors give a full guarantee of safety, as it is impossible to damage and force them in a discreet way. This is due to the mounting method.

How are external blinds installed?

Roller shutters dedicated to outdoor installation are available in surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. Surface-mounted versions can be installed at any time during the construction of the house. There is no problem with installing them when the walls are already insulated and the entire façade is finished. Special profiles are simply mounted to it, which hide the roller shutter control mechanism.

There are mechanisms on the market in various sizes and colors, so there is no problem

to choose the right model for visual preferences so that they match the facade of the building. The second version are flush-mounted roller shutters, which should be installed at the stage when the walls are not covered with the facade. Later, it can also be done, but it will involve the need to break through the facade and modify it in the place where the roller blind is installed. In practice, it turns out to be very impractical and tedious, so it’s better to think about it already at the stage of building a house in a closed shell.

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