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What should be taken care of before the wedding?

What should be taken care of before the wedding? The wedding day should be the most beautiful day in our lives, when we will feel not only appreciated, but also beautiful. You should take care of your beauty a few months before the wedding, but the key preparations take place in the last few days. We check how you should take care of your beauty before walking down the aisle. 

A few months earlier

A few months before the wedding, it is good to go for treatments that will leave our skin in excellent condition for a longer period of time. However, these treatments require prior consultation with an aesthetic medicine doctor or beautician, depending on the degree of their advancement. There is no single, specific list of treatments that must be performed in order for the skin to regain its beautiful and youthful appearance. Each of us has a different type of skin that needs to be cared for in a completely different way. Most often, however, it is worth cleaning the pores so that blackheads do not appear on the face.

In addition, women struggling with acne or unwanted scars can perform microdermabrasion treatments. However, this type of treatment should be undertaken in the winter season, when the skin is not exposed to sunlight, because it destroys the effects of the treatment, and is also unfavorable for the skin itself. The procedure itself needs to be performed several times, therefore it is necessary to start it earlier. Meanwhile, women whose complexion is relatively undemanding can only opt for thorough facial cleansing. This will allow you to get rid of any imperfections, and additionally make your wedding makeup look much better and last longer. Is it worth taking treatments before the wedding that have never been performed on our skin before? Of course,

Before the wedding – well-groomed nails

Nail styling is one of the treatments that a bride can never forget. First of all, make sure that the nail styling procedure begins with their thorough preparation, i.e. with a properly performed manicure. Then you can go to the merits, i.e. nail styling in the full sense of the word. What is fashionable today and what patterns and colors are worth paying attention to? First of all, a wedding manicure must match the color of the dress and the tone in which the party will be held. A traditional white dress and an elegant party will perfectly match the classic French manicure.

Nail styling, which revives it a bit, is a very fashionable baby boomer recently. Women of all ages can opt for it, because it is a classic, but slightly “fuzzy” French manicure (it can be made in different colors, so it will perfectly match any type of wedding dress). Sometimes brides opt for a modest but very elegant nail design – the nail plate is only brushed with a selected color that perfectly matches the entire bride’s styling. This simple yet very classic way of styling your nails will never go out of style. It is important that the wedding manicure is made with the hybrid or gel method. This will allow the varnish to harden, so that it will not chip off during the party, which every bride wants to avoid.

On the wedding day – hair treatment

On your wedding day, you must prepare your hair. Typically, brides are helped by a professional hairdresser – few women decide to do the wedding hairstyle entirely on their own. However, before the hairdresser appears at the bride’s house, she should take care of her hair on her own. She should, of course, wash them thoroughly in the morning, but do not use an unfamiliar shampoo or new conditioner for this purpose. Then it is necessary to apply a hair nourishing preparation: conditioner, mousse or gel.

Before washing and hair care, you can also apply a scrub to the scalp – this will prevent the formation of dandruff. This will give your hair not only shine, but also volume and a beautiful appearance. If the bride wants to shorten her hair a bit before the wedding or dye it, she should do it at least a few days in advance. Performing such procedures before the wedding itself can end in a disaster that will be difficult to fix in a short time. The hairdresser on the wedding day should only deal with styling the bride’s hairstyle. It is best if a trial hairstyle is made a few weeks earlier – using the same tools and cosmetics, so as to check whether the bride’s hair style suits her and whether she is not allergic to any ingredient of styling cosmetics used by the hairdresser. A good hairdresser is also a stylist.

Before the wedding, you should remember about many treatments beautifying the skin, nail styling or hair styling. The bride cannot forget about a pedicure or depilation, but these treatments can be done on her own at home.

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