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Crematorium for animals – an increasingly popular way to bury a friend

Crematorium for animals – an increasingly popular way to bury a friend. The death of an animal is a very sad stage in the life of every person who treated him like a member of his family. Dogs, cats, and other animals that are with us longer steal our hearts and make our lives better. That is why, when our pet passes away, we feel regret for the lost moments and we would like to keep them in our memory for many years.

Although this is not a popular way to pay tribute to your pet in Poland, it is becoming more and more popular. We are talking about an animal crematorium here, which came to us from the west and since then has become the object of inquiries of people struggling with the loss of an animal. Thanks to the animal crematorium, we will be able to keep at least part of our friend forever in our home.

How does an animal crematorium work?

The procedure is very similar to a classic crematorium. First, the crematorium should be informed that we would like to perform such a procedure. Of course, cremating animals is cheaper than traditional cremation. The costs also directly depend on how big the animal’s body is that requires this procedure. A smaller pet is associated with a lower price that will be charged for the entire procedure.

Why was an animal crematorium established?

The current society, unfortunately, is an aging society that often does not have time for children, which is why many couples decide to buy or adopt a pet. The pet makes time pleasant and can be with us for many long years. The years spent together and the time we devoted to nurturing our friend make us want to remember him.

Western society began to age much earlier, which is why the idea of ​​a crematorium for animals has been functioning there for a long time with great interest. In Poland, this idea is in its infancy because many families still live in the old model of upbringing where animals are not treated as full members of the family.

Animal crematorium – where can you find it?

Due to the lack of popularity of such solutions in Poland for close four-legged friends, animal crematoriums are located mainly in major provincial cities. We will be able to find crematoriums for animals the fastest in cities such as Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków. However, if we live in the countryside or in a smaller town, unfortunately, we will have to take into account the need to travel to the nearest major provincial capital.

Why is it worth cremating a pet that has left this world?

The main advantages of cremating an animal is the aesthetics of this solution. When cremating, we can place our pet’s ashes in a small urn that will be in our home with us. Currently, if our pet is dead and it is necessary to do something with its body, we must think about disposal. Naturally, if we felt something for our pet who was with us for years, we want his departure to mean something. Currently, there is not much alternative to a dignified funeral for a quadruped other than cremation. Cemeteries for animals in Poland, unfortunately, do not function, moreover, there is not much of an alternative. Thanks to cremation, we have a worthy alternative to resting our pet and the possibility of keeping it always with us.

Exemplary price list for an animal crematorium

Crematorium prices for animals, depending on their weight, end at a maximum of PLN 1090 depending on the city to which we are going. Prices start from PLN 690 for the smallest animal. Thanks to such a crematorium, we will receive a worthy burial for our pet, which will be in our memory forever.

The prices for cremation are relatively low, thanks to which every pet owner can afford to cremate his friend and thus rest with dignity. Some crematoria also provide free transport for the body of our animal from nearby provinces, realizing that such a service is not popular and therefore it can be. For some people, it’s hard to get such a long distance. Most likely, the transport of the corpse is included in the price, but if it wasn’t, the price for cremation will probably be lower.

If not a crematorium, then what?

Currently in Poland there is no very good alternative to a crematorium as such. If we live in the city and take care of the animal at home, we certainly cannot leave this body anywhere after its death. People with single-family houses can make a backyard grave in which they will bury their former consolation. Currently, there are very few cremation companies, which is why some owners get rid of their pets in other less dignified ways. If we cared about our pet, we should certainly spend a few hundred zlotys and provide a dignified funeral for our old friend. Of course, the ashes of a four-legged friend can be kept or scattered on his favorite place to play.

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