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Wroclaw Orthodontist price list

Orthodonta Wrocław belongs to the dental department and is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion. In the vast majority of cases, modern treatment methods allow for non-invasive correction of many orthodontic problems.

The effect of the treatment is the correct setting of the teeth in a harmonious arch, thanks to which the appearance and oval of the face are improved.

Before inserting the braces, the orthodontist will conduct a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity, including: 3D examinations and preventive hygiene. The teeth alignment procedure is designed not only for children, but also for adults: there are options that are barely visible on the teeth or transparent braces. When choosing an orthodontist in Wrocław, the price list is always available on the website.

What problems do orthodontists solve?

As mentioned earlier, orthodontic treatment is more than just correcting the bite with braces or other orthodontic structures.

Circumstances requiring contact with an orthodontist fall into 3 broad categories:

  • Congenital abnormalities in the structure of the dentition.
  • Hereditary malocclusion occurs in one or both parents.
  • Acquired disease, usually in childhood.

Orthodontists help to correct almost any complex dental abnormality, using modern diagnostic equipment and performing activities regulated by modern treatment methods.

In their work, they used X-rays, frontal panoramas, 3D scanners, computed tomography and other diagnostic methods.

Be sure to visit an orthodontist in Wrocław – the price list is as follows:

  • Orthodontic consultation – PLN 200.
  • Oral cavity examination, taking an impression, X-ray – PLN 200.
  • Developing an Orthodontic Treatment Plan – PLN 200.
  • Mobile braces – PLN 850-1200.
  • Fixed metal braces – from PLN 1,700 to PLN 2,500 (self-locking).
  • Permanent, aesthetic crystal braces – from PLN 2,500 to PLN 3,500.
  • Clear orthodontic coverage – from PLN 5,200 to PLN 12,000.
  • Control visit – PLN 200.

When to see an orthodontist in Wrocław?

Some symptoms require a visit to the orthodontist. Firstly, they are visually diagnosed tooth alignment disorders, which can manifest as crowding, enlarged interdental spaces, gaps (space between the teeth), etc.

Facial asymmetry, chewing discomfort, malocclusion, etc. require contact with an orthodontist in Wrocław, the price list of services is not excessive, thanks to which you can safely get rid of uneven teeth. The examination should not be ignored if the respiratory or speech organs are not functioning properly. This includes when the child has difficulty speaking and is not getting enough breath through the mouth.

Stages of treatment conducted by an orthodontist:

      • Consultation and treatment planning – the orthodontist examines the patient’s teeth for malocclusion, takes an impression and, based on it, creates an appropriate orthodontic appliance. Then, after analyzing all of the above and taking into account the patient’s expectations, the orthodontist proposes a treatment plan detailing the purpose of the visit and the type of equipment recommended, duration and cost of treatment.
      • Orthodontists use specially selected devices based on the preferences of a given person and the diagnosed malocclusion. During the treatment of adults, active and periodic examinations by the attending physician are required. The average time of orthodontic treatment of malocclusion in adults is 1.5 to 2.5 years.
      • Orthodontic treatment with an orthodontic appliance – the appliance is placed on the dental arch. The type of braces is selected based on age, malocclusion and expectations.
      • Orthodontic treatment with a plate – When correcting malocclusion, the doctor and the patient jointly decide to remove the braces. The aim of treatment of malocclusion with a plate is to maintain the achieved effect, most often with the use of special fixing wires glued from the inner surface to the front teeth.
      • Transparent orthodontic shield – effectively straightens the curvature of the teeth. This is a very aesthetic solution that is often chosen by patients.
      • Prophylaxis and hygiene – Proper hygiene is extremely important throughout the orthodontic treatment process. Immediately after placing the appliance in the mouth, the doctor carefully informs the patient about the correct and proper oral hygiene practices and methods: good brushing, flossing, proper mouth rinsing, necessary to maintain oral hygiene throughout the period of orthodontic treatment, as well as every 3-6 months, a dental hygienist will remove tartar and plaque that can build up around the brackets.

Why orthodontic treatment?

Occlusal correction ensures even distribution of the load on the teeth, which reduces tooth wear and prevents diseases of the jaw joint. With the help of orthodontic treatment, patients have the opportunity to correct the bite, obtain smooth and beautiful teeth and improve oral and general health.

Orthodontics has special methods for correcting the position of the teeth, normalizing the proper development of the jaw bones and the work of the facial muscles. There are various types of specialized projects. They are necessary to exert moderate pressure on the teeth and jaw and thus have a corrective effect. Orthodontists always decide which treatment will be best.

In addition, depending on the complexity of the situation, a certain time is set during which the patient must wear an orthodontic construction.

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